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Bantam Bread


Welcome to the Bantam Bread Company

The Bantam Bread Co. is dedicated to producing the best artisanal breads, and rustic pastries made with the finest ingredients that we can find. That is our mission and we are sticking to it!

We take pride in featuring many local products (honey, maple syrup, cheese, seasonal organic fruits and vegetables) and the work of local artisans.

Our line of imported and regional cheeses and butter has become too extensive to list.

One thought on “Bantam Bread

  • After driving pass The Bantam Bread location for many years, I finally decided to stop in and see what the location, it’s owner and it’s employees had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised regarding it’s beautiful atmosphere, with the pleasant greeting by the young lady at the counter. After making my choice of breads and pastry, I returned home and had several pieces of the Cinnamon-Raisin and the Country White Bread. Both were fabulous. The Strawberry/Rhubard Tart which I had purchased for a desert later in the evening, never made it out of the driveway. That was also fabulous!!!!!
    I have made a promise to myself that I will no longer shop at any large or small supermarket too purchase any type of bread other than The Bantam Bread location.
    As you may notice, I have not described The Bantam Bread location as a store. I see this location as a reminder of what true breads and true pastries should look and taste like.
    The owner and the employees should be very proud of what they have created and I look forward to my next visit.

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