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Upcoming Market Announcements

beet beauty shot


 at the Litchfield Community Center

Looking at the blustery weather, we’re delighted to move to our cozy winter home at the Litchfield Community Center on Saturday. Despite the weather the fields are producing in abundance as you will see from the overflowing displays. We will miss those vendors  not moving indoors with us, but we welcome back some of our favorites and some new participants on a regular or occasional basis.

One other note. We have a LONG list of vendors wantinng to participate in our market. We’re doing our best to find floor space/dates for those that are a good fit. We’ve moved things around some. If you don’t find your favorite vendor in the same spot as last year, look further. Or check with any of our market staff to locate them or find out when/if they will be attending.

Our regular indoor vendors will be: Bantam Bread, Berry Ledges Apiary, Bridget’s Bread*, Brookside Farm, Goatboy Soaps, Gresczyk Farm, Laurel Ridge Farm*, Mapleview Farm, March Farm, Mohawk Bison*, Oliva Cafe, Olive Oil Factory, Plum Brook Chocolate, Sugar Water Farm, Twin Pines Farm, Wave Hill Bread, West Shore Seafood, Wild Carrot Farm*.

Here’s what’s up for indoor opening day and the next few weeks.

  • Chef Sam of Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar will be a guest chef now and then.
  • Hillhome Country Products is with us the next 3 weeks, then participates occasionally.
  • Mapleview Farm joins the market for the season November 1
  • Sugar Water Farm is a new vendor offering micro and baby greens and hydroponic lettuce
  • Twin Pines Farm will be absent Nov 1
  • *Laurel Ridge Farm and Mohawk Bison will be fairly regular vendors.  Laurel Ridge is with us this week, not next.  Mohawk joins us 1/8.  Wild Carrot Farm will be with us through the end of January.  Bridget’s Bread will not join the market until January.
  •  Savor cookies and Winding Drive Jams will be with us on November 8
  • Chelsea’s Blue Ribbon Lamb will be with us again in November and December
  • Newgate Farm and Fresh Trak salsa will NOT be joining us indoors.
We have no special guests this week, though the cookbook exchange table will be available. We’re going to work out our new floor plan before we add extras.
Anna Gill’s column is titled The Beet Generation and, of course, is about beets. A native of the Mediterranean region, beets have been adopted all over the world.  A basic roasted beet recipe plus two more using roasted beets are her culinary offerings this week.
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