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Upcoming Market Announcements

melons pix



Mid-August in the Northwest Hills is when the melons start to come to harvest.  Melons of all sorts – watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, crenshaws.  They are a juicy highlight of summer eating. Their naturally high water content makes them great for cooling off and re-hydrating in the summer heat. They are delectable just by themselves freshly sliced but also a wonderful addition to many recipes.  For something refreshing and different, see Anna Gill’s recipe below for Cantaloupe Mint Granita.  Or go to our web-site recipe section and search for the melon, or other ingredient, of your choice to find all the previous recipes we’ve posted.

Here’s what’s up this week and the next few at the market:

  • Bridget’s Bread is still on vacation, rejoins the market next week 8/23.
  • Mohawk Bison and Twin Pines Farm are both absent this week but back next.
  • Olive Oil Factory is back with us this week.
  • Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar will be at market with their noodle salad plus.
  • Looking forward, Hillhome Country Products and Savor Cookies will participate next week, 8/23..
Special guests this week (see below for more detail)
  • Musician – new to our market Jim Moore 
  • Guest artist – Carol Lee Creations
  • Guest non-profit - The Cancer Care Fund of Litchfield Hills
  • Guest vendor - Barefoot Books

Anna Gill’s column this week is Granita – Icework If You Can Get It.   Granita, basically a flavored ice, is made up of distinct ice crystals which are made by hand stirring or scratching ice. Who knew?  We cannot wait to try her three recipe suggestions

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