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Upcoming Market Announcements

Vegetable wreath


December 20 is our last market for 2014.  We’ll take a holiday break but be back January 3rd to begin our every other week schedule through early June, when we move outdoors. Our farmers are finding ways to extend their seasons so we’ll continue to have fresh greens and root vegetables, and with the help of high tunnels and hoop houses, other fresh vegetables. We’ll keep you posted on what will be available when. With the offerings from our other vendors, you’ll be able to fill much of your shopping lists locally, from the market, through the winter.

Here’s what’s up this week and the next few.

  • Hillhome Country Products,  Laurel Ridge Farm and Mohawk Bison are all at market this week.
  • Cato Corner Farms will be available cut to order:  Black Ledge Blue, Dutch Farmstead, Bloomsday, Hooligan and Womangchego.
  • Come January, both March Farm and Wild Carrot Farm will be taking a break from the market until next spring.
  • Bridget’s Breads all gluten free will rejoin the market in January.

Special guests (see below for more detail)

  • Musician - Hannah Fair
  • Guest artist - Tiny Gardens
  • Cookbook Exchange
  • Recipe tastings - Potato Arugala Soup and Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Anna Gill’s  column this week talks about traditions at this time of the year and how varied they are, though with some common sources/themes.  She offers two dessert recipes, one of which she is bringing to the market for us to sample.

Sustainable tip of the week.  Other than wrapping gifts in reusable fabric, are there more ways we can be enviromentally and sustainably friendly at this time of the year?  If you have some ideas, share them with us and we’ll put them in the newsletter/on the website.
See you Saturday at the Litchfield Community Center.
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