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Upcoming Market Announcements

See pictures from the 5th Annual Farmer’s Table Dinner

Our market named one of 50 best by Cooking Light on-line magazine

Check out the Farmers’ Market Recipe Generator 

Forest of Maple Sap buckets on trees


We are certainly having a different winter experience this year than last. The picture reminds us of what we was outside our window last February.  But it’s also a reminder that regardless of what it looks or feels like outdoors, Mother Nature still has her rhythm and the sap is flowing in the maple trees!  Snow lovers remember it’s only the beginning of February, so don’t give up hope.  A beautiful snow covered landscape  here in the northwest hills may yet be in our future.

Our market schedule is a little choppy in February and March.  Our next market after this is not until February 27.  To find out when our next market day is, go to our web-site and it’s right on the opening page.

SAVE THE DATE!  Our Winter Harvest Dinner will be held on March 19th and we’re delighted that last year’s team is returning – Executive Chef Samantha Tilley and event styling by Barbara Gugnoni and Sarah Worden.  You will receive more information and instructions for getting tickets in a separate e-mail.  In the meantime, you can purchase tickets at the market. If you are interested in volunteering to help with some of the tasks needed to put this dinner on, let us know.

Here are some notes on vendor participation.  For EVERYONE who will be there see list at bottom.

  • Bantam Bread is continuing to take a break from the market SOLVING some staffing challenges.
  • Mohawk Bison is with us this week.
  • Cato Corner Farm cheese cut to order available: Black Ledge Blue, Aged Bloomsday, Dutch Farmstead and Womanchego.

Special guests this week (see below for more information)::

  • Musician – Scott Griswold and Jim Katzin
  • Nonprofit – Wisdom House
  • Guest artist – Yvette Haas
  • Guest Artist – Kate Smith

Anna Gill presents a column titled Caranavale aka Mardi Gras.   The history of this celebration around the world is fascinating.  Anna has created a special recipe Connecticut Gumbo so that we might bring a little of the festivities to our neck of the woods.

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