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Upcoming Market Announcements

dahlia lavendar


Whether you are observing the holidays this weekend or not, the market has lots to offer for menu planning and special treats.  Here’s what’s happening this week at the market.

Vendor notes:

  • Something to Crow About is bringing their dahlia tubers to the market.  They will also join us at the outdoor market with their fabulous blooms starting in August.
  • Savor Cookies is with us this week.
  • Beltane Farm goat cheese is back at the  market.
  • Plumbrook Chocolates will have their usual offerings plus peanut butter eggs, molded rabbits and lambs
  • March Farm will take orders for pies to be picked up at the market.  Call them by Friday evening at 203-266-7721 and they’ll have them for you Saturday morning at the market.
  • Bantam Bread, Bridget’s Bread and Mapleview Farm are all taking the week off.
  • Wave Hill Bread will have blueberry muffins, multigrain loaves and epis in addition to their usual offerings since Bantam Bread will not be at the market.
  • Mini baskets will be available along with the usual larger baskets at the Market Master table.

Special guests:

  • Music – Jaden and Meghan Spangenberg
  • Non-profitFirst Congregational Church
  • Non-profit – The Fresh Air Fund

Anna Gill’s column this week is titled Underwater Farming - and is about hydroponic growing.  She includes some fascinating history about some fertile islands of lakebed compost and dried reeds that have been maintained for more than 700 years.  Fascinating reading.

Sustainable tip of the week.  The market’s parent organization, Litchfield Hills Foods Systems, has contributed funding for edible education gardens at both Morris and Goshen Elementary schools. Their school district, Region 6, is in the running for a grant in support of these gardens for 10 – 20,000 dollars.  The grant is through Seeds of Change and is based on VOTES received through April 21.  If you’d like to support them, click here and find out how often and where you can vote. You can find out more by going to our website and clicking on Edible School Gardens.

See you Saturday at our indoor home – Litchfield Community Center.



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