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Upcoming Market Announcements

The 5th Annual Farmer’s Table Dinner is August 1.  Details here.

Our market named one of 50 best by Cooking Light on-line magazine

Check out the Farmers’ Market Recipe Generator 



Summer has finally arrived and with it all of the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, many of which cannot be grown locally in the other months. Though our farmers have gotten creative and extended their seasons both into the fall and earlier in the spring, there are some for which we just have to wait for summer or fall harvest.  Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, ramps, scapes, etc.  Yum! We’re looking forward to enjoying ALL of them.

Our cast of characters this week includes a guest vendor, some occasional vendors, great local young musicians, artists and a nonprofit bringing children’s activities  So we have lots for to do, look at, taste and take home.  Here’s what’s of special note.  A complete list of vendors this week is at the bottom of the newsletter as usual.

  • Cricket Hill Garden is visiting this week bringing a variety of edible landscaping plants, including pawpaws, Asian pears, dwarf heirloom apples, mulberries, raspberries, elderberries, nut trees, bush cherries and fig tress as well as ready-to-fruit shiitake mushroom logs.
  • Hillhome Country Products is making an occasional visit.  They will be back with us again July 11.
  • Olive Oil Factory will be absent July 4 then back with us July 11.
  • Savor cookies  and Winding Drive Jams will not be at market again until July 18.
Special guests – see more below.
  • Musicians – The Kais and Dollz  our local youngsters Rowan and Ella Cookman and Meghan and Jaden Spangenberg.
  • Chef-in-Residence – Chef Brendan Martin
  • Guest artists – Delores Coan  and Cider Mill Designs 
  • Nonprofit – The Silo at Hunt Hill Farm
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