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Upcoming Market Announcements

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August Abundance


Here in northwest Connecticut, now through the end of October is the time of the year when the crops are most abundant.  The colors and flavors are succulent, irresistible and in many cases more than we can consume fresh.  Our New England forbearers lived through the winter on cold stored fruits and vegetables as well as “put up” goods from the bounty in late summer.  Where do you think things like pickles, relish, jams, tomato sauce, etc. originated?  That’s right.  From folks who “lived off the land” and created ways to preserve the over abundant crops for use later when there were not field-fresh products.  You could do this too!

Here are the happenings at the market this week and the next few.

  • Hillhome Country Products joins us this week for an occasional visit.
  • Sugar Water Farm, one of our winter vendors, will be at market this week with their hydroponic greens.  They are bringing arugula, baby romaine heads, mustard greens, cooking and stir fry greens and salad mixes.  Depending on the weather, they will be at the market again in mid-September.
  • Oliva is with us this week on their every other week schedule.
  • Cato Corner Farm cheeses available this week: Black Ledge Blue, Bloomsday, Bridgid’s Abbey, Dutch Farmstead,  Vivace Bambino and Womanchego.
  • Olive Oil Factory is with us this week then not again until 9/26.
  • Fresh Trak salsas is with us this week, absent the next market, 9/5

Of special note (see below for more details)

  • Musician – Western Lands Trio
  • Guest non-profit – Oliver Wolcott Library
  • Guest artist – Playful Event
  • Chef-in-Residence – Chef Brendan Martin

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