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Upcoming Market Announcements

pumpkin patch



Based on the weather forecast we will end our outdoor season with sunny skies.  Our last two markets have been rainy, but they have been the only two markets in the 8 years of the market that we have set-up in the rain.  While it was wet and cold, we’re taking the broader perspective and being appreciative of the good weather we have had for all those other market days.  As we move indoors next week, we say good bye to some of our outdoor vendors and welcome back those that join us indoors as well as some new participants.

Here’s what’s up this week and the next few as we move indoors.

  • Savor cookies is with us this week making an occasional visit.
  • Both Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar and Oliva will be with us to close the outdoor market.  More good news – they are moving indoors with us this year!
  • Twin Pines Farm is also back to close the outdoor season and also will join us indoors
  • Newgate Farm will make their last appearance until they rejoin us next outdoor season
  • Gresczyk Farm, Mapleview Farm and Plum Brook Chocolate are all joining us indoors.
  • Chelsea’s Blue Ribbon Lamb will be with us again in November and December
  • Occasional indoor visitors:Hillhome Country Products, Savor and Winding Drive Jams
Our special guests this week (see below for more detail)
  • Guest musician - Switch Factory
  • Guest artist – Yvette Haas

Anna Gill’s column appropriately features pumpkins.  Great treatise on the source of pumpkins and some of the folklore around their association with Halloween and Jack ‘o Lanterns.  And, of course, two wonderful recipes we cannot wait to try!  Our guest chef is also making a pumpkin recipe for tasting.

Sustainable tip of the week.  Our winter market has provided a venue for our produce vendors to continue to sell products from the field.  It also has encouraged them to extend their growing season with high tunnel greenhouses and hoop houses.  We are the lucky recipients of their efforts so let’s make sure we support them.

See you Saturday at our outdoor home for the last time this season – Center School parking lot.

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