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Upcoming Market Announcements



It’s that time of year when cutting and chopping of vegetables is plentiful – whether you are preparing something fresh or for preserving in some manner.  No matter what your choice of size and shape, a sharp knife is more efficient and we’re told safer as well.  Dragon’s Breath Forge will be at the market with their beautifully crafted knives – and their knife sharpening equipment.  So bring along whatever needs sharpening and they’ll do it for you while you shop.

Here’s what’s up this week and the next few.

  • Cato Corner Farm special this week – 1 lb. wheels of Hooligan on sale for sixteen dollars each.  We could also cut them in half if you like.  This is available since a customer ordered them last week and, due to circumstances, couldn’t take them.
  • Beltane goat cheese is available.
  • Hillhome Country Products and Savor cookies are with us for their occasional visit.
  • Oliva cafe rejoins the market with their dips and sauces.  Going forward they will be a weekly vendor.
  • Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar will be back with us next week.
  • Mohawk Bison will not be at market this Saturday, returning next Saturday.
Our special guests this week (see below for more detail)
  • Guest artist - Dragon’s Breath Forge
  • Musician  - Nate Day
  • Non-profit – Oliver Wolcott Library

Anna Gill’s column this week is about chervil, a lesser known spice in this country though commonly used in Europe.  One of Julia Child’s favorites!  As always, the history is interesting and the recipes sound yummy.  .

Sustainable tip of the week.  We are doing two canning workshops this fall – one on September 28th and one on October 5th.  We have a few spaces left in each of them.  This is the third year we’ve offered these workshops and they are both fun and educational.  All products and equipment are supplied and you go home with a sample of the products canned during the workshop.  Program fee is ten dollars and includes the cost of supplies. Space is limited to 15 participants and PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Contact Kay Carroll by e-mail kay@lhfs-ct.org or call (860-567-3890) to register.

.See you Saturday at our outdoor home – Center School parking lot.



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